From A to Z, students bid preschool adieu

Jun 14, 2023

For 5-year-old Blake St. Germaine, her most cherished part of preschool was “seeing the bubble man”.

She described the “bubble man”, saying that “he loves bubbles and he was showing tricks with bubbles.” Along with the visit earlier in the school year from children’s entertainer Mike the Bubble Man, St. Germaine enjoyed playing in the “block area”.

As St. Germaine progresses to kindergarten, she looks forward to spending time with her classmates and learning math, moving on from her favorite topic of the ABCs.

To celebrate the preschoolers’ advancement to kindergarten, parents and teachers gathered for a promotion ceremony at Wareham Elementary School on Wednesday, June 14.

Throughout the past year, the preschoolers have sharpened their skills in writing, drawing and practicing their numbers.

During his time in preschool, 5-year-old Ryan Roberge found great joy in playing on the playground. This summer, he intends to practice his reading in preparation for kindergarten.

“We’ve laughed, played and learned a lot together,” said Assistant Principal Nichole Rich-Byrne. “We will miss them as they head off to kindergarten, but next year, we will still get to see them in the halls.”

The future kindergarteners sang “The Farewell Song” and “The ABC Song” while sporting matching “WES Preschool Graduate” tees.

The students also performed “The Thank You Song” following their promotion, thanking parents for their support and educators for their schooling.

“It was great to celebrate their success from the year and to celebrate them,” said preschool teacher Brittney St. Germaine (no relation to Blake). “They have accomplished so much.”