A birthday and a call for bloggers

Jun 29, 2010

Wareham Week quietly turned 6-months old on June 21. Quietly because we were too busy doing all that is needed to make our next six months as successful as our first.

But we want to take a few words today to thank the people of Wareham and Onset for their readership, their advertising support, and their feedback of all types.

And we'd like to share with you some numbers that make us very proud: Our first "press run" in January was 4,000 copies. Not a particularly scientifically selected number, but it felt like a good starting point. Today, you are holding one of 7,500 copies of this week's edition. Still not a particuarly scientifically selected number, but apparently the number that people want to read.

We distribute copies to more than 130 different locations throughout town every week. We restock the supermarkets and several other high-distribution locations throughout the week. Our press run has headed up week after week as, on Sunday after Sunday, we have run out of restock copies and we've found ourselves driving around town to scrounge excess copies here and there to resupply Stop & Shop and Shaw's!

Who says no one wants to read newspapers anymore?!?

On to the web side . . . and to bloggers.

WarehamVillageSoup.com has a few. Staffer Jaime Rebhan has begun a photo blog. Citizen Michael Flaherty has prompted several spirited exchanges with his "What's up with that?" blog on local civic affairs and media coverage. Just last week, Jill Tompkins of the Gleason Family YMCA launched a blog to chronicle progress on the Y's $4.2 million expansion.

Please check them out, and consider becoming a blogger yourself.

Have no interest in politics? Don't worry about it. What ARE you interested in? Fishing? Sailing? Skydiving? Dogs? Cats? Tarantulas? Cooking? Gardening? Celebrity gossip?

If you'd like to share it with others in town, please give me a call (508-717-9799) or shoot me an e-mail (anne@warehamweek.com). If you are interested in giving it a try, we'll help get you going.

And, heh, who knows? Another six months from now we may be bragging about our number of bloggers and thanking Wareham for embracing THEM!