Zombies attack East Wareham tattoo shop

Oct 23, 2013

Zombies run down Depot Street and all around Sinners and Saints Tattoo.

Three heroes battle the undead as they struggle to survive the outbreak, which began in New Bedford and led to the decision to sever the fault line of the city and send it into the ocean to preserve the rest of the area.

The heroes must contain the outbreak and ensure that New Bedford doesn’t go crashing into the Azores. One of the heroes finds a brief safe haven inside Sinners and Saints.

Halloween is coming up, but don’t worry: There’s no zombie outbreak yet. The mayhem on Sunday, October 20, was just a movie being shot by independent, Dartmouth-based Sai-Con Productions called “Plaga Zombie American Invasion.”

The movie is the first in a trilogy originally created in Argentina, which Sai-Con Productions has obtained permission to produce locally.

"It's a fun movie," noted Cheryl La Pan, executive producer. "It's an homage to ... slapstick, gore type movies."

Most of the movie is being shot in New Bedford. But when Sinners and Saints owner Roger Chouinard heard about it, he suggested La Pan use his shop for a scene. La Pan, who has known Chouinard for 15 years, quickly agreed.

"My director had sent me down to get food for our production meeting and Rogers was in Subway in front of me," La Pan explained. She told him what she was up to and he said, "'You need to call me. Shoot something at my shop. It'll be really fun,'" she recalled.

The shop, with its rich paint colors and dozens of old carnival signs, toys, and other blasts from the past, provided a nice background for the movie, La Pan said.

Chouinard was at a convention and thus did not get to see the shop overrun by zombies, but he says he got great feedback.

"It was a great experience for everyone here at Sinners and Saints," Chouinard said.

And for those driving by who witnessed the zombie outbreak!

Sai-Con Productions is aiming to premiere the movie in New Bedford next summer.