Kites fly high at end of summer festival in Onset

Sep 3, 2016

Summer received high flying send off on Saturday during the second annual Onset Kite Festival.

Hosted by Cultural Connections Inc. and the Onset Bay Association, the event attracted hundreds of people to Onset Beach where colorful kites filled the sky.

“A lot of people really enjoyed themselves today,” said Paul Ciccotelli, one of the event’s organizers. “The only thing that could have made it better is if there was a little bit more wind.”

On the beach, families flew a variety of kites including ones that looked like bees, dragons, bi-planes and seagulls.

Pauly Beard, an avid kite flyer, traveled from Woonsocket, Rhode Island for the festival. From the Onset Pier, he flew a homemade “kite train” he built using plastic bags and bamboo.

“When you build your own, you get exactly what you want,” he said.

Beard’s kite train measured 180 feet long and included 60 individual kites strung on the same line, spaced three feet apart.

“This took me 30 hours to build,” he said. “Something like this isn’t taken up lightly.”

Beard said this particular train was designed for light wind and if the breeze picked up he had a separate one ready to take flight. The white kites attracted a steady stream of curious visitors, which Beard was happy to talk to and he even let kids take a chance at flying the train.

All together, Ciccotelli said organizers handed out 75 free kites to kids and many others purchased kites from vendors invited to the beach.

“This year was more successful than last year,” he said, adding that organizers are looking forward to next September. “This is a fun way to say goodbye to summer.”