Cable news outlets aren't recognizing Trump's accomplishments

Sep 20, 2017

(Editor's note: This letter is in response to one written by Arthur Sandland, published Sept. 7.)

To the Editor:

Mr. Sandland, after reading your opinion my wife and I think the information you’re saying comes from cable news channels that have little respect for our president. The same cable news that had three journalists resign and retracted their stories for not fact checking. They also gave us Clinton’s impressive poll numbers throughout the election.

Trump has been in business 40-plus years and employed tens of thousands of people during that time. All these years, not one of our intelligence agencies have pick up any information about Trump and the Russians working together or attending hate rallies with David Duke.

Where are the discrimination lawsuits against this man from his employees? If there were any the cable news would be telling us about them hourly. If either Cruz or Rubio were elected president the headlines would stay the same only the name changes.

Mr. Comey dug his own grave. He drafted a statement clearing Clinton months before her interview. The investigation was a sham and he was in her pocket.

You ask what has this administration done. Obama and Trump had to deal with a lazy Congress.

Term limits may change that. Both presidents used executive orders to move their agendas forward. Here are a few things Trump has done: signed over 30 bills into law, new Supreme Court justice and two more coming, cut business regulations, Dakota Pipeline moving forward, changes in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Paris Climate deal gone, stock market and jobs up unemployment and illegal crossings down, TPP trade deal gone saving America over 400,000 jobs, renegotiating NAFTA, shaking up the United Nations, ceasefire in Syria, thousands of lives saved in Iraq because of changes in how we fight ISIS. My favorite, reaching across the aisle asking Democrats for help re-building our bridges and roads, tax reform and DACA. Not bad for a non-politician in his first year.

A year ago, I was anxious about the election. About the same time, voters found out that the Clinton campaign was in collusion with the Democratic National Committee and CNN working together to cheat Bernie Sanders out of his chance of becoming president. I felt they cheated in the primary and may do the same in the general election. On Nov. 9 around 3 a.m., I realized our country would be in good hands for the next four (hopefully eight) years.


Roy Folsom