Trey Strong Organization offers thanks to donors

Oct 25, 2017

To the Editor:

On behalf of the Trey Strong Organization, I would like to thank everyone who organized the first Trey's Run. I would like to thank everyone who participated or donated their time and donated raffle items, backpacks or school supplies. Trey passed away last year of brain cancer and was proud of his Wareham community, and he was grateful for all the compassion and love from the community during his illness.

Trey didn't want to be forgotten, his wish was to always give back, and with everyone's help Trey's wishes are being met. The Trey Strong Organization collected 200 backpacks full of school supplies, supplies for college students, 20 backpacks for Onset Head Start and the Boy’s & Girl’s Club and 10 backpacks for the staff full of supplies needed for field trips.

I awarded seven Wareham High School students scholarships in Trey's memory for $250. The Trey Strong Organization’s goal is to make sure no child goes without the basic needed items for school enabling them to succeed. A heartfelt thank you again to all. If anyone would like to reach out to the organization or donate you can call Teena Miranda at 508-353-3152 or by mail at: Trey Strong Organization, P.O. Box 637, Onset, MA 02558.


Teena Miranda