Decas Elementary School breakfast offers thanks to veterans

Nov 9, 2017

Decas Elementary School students and officials invited parents and grandparents to a special breakfast Thursday morning, held in honor of military veterans.

“We just wanted to say ‘thank you’ to everyone who has served or is serving,” said Assistant Principal Sara Russo. “This is our way of honoring the community.”

Russo, whose husband served in the Navy for 25 years, put together the breakfast, which was held for the first time. She said administrators plan to make it an annual event.

Participants were treated to a slideshow of photographs submitted by students. Veterans of parents, as well as school staff, who served in the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard were displayed following the meal.

Former Marine Dan Minkle, who is a retired Wareham Middle School principal, said he was impressed with the event.

“You can tell by the turnout this is definitely important to a lot of people,” said Minkle. “It’s great to see the students here with parents and grandparents who served our country.”

Ryan Nevens, an Army veteran of the 101st Airborne Division, arrived with his three sons – Lincoln, Jack and Wyatt.

“It’s great the school is doing this,” he said. “Veterans Day is important and the kids realize that.”