Repair potholes to keep roads safe for everyone this winter

Nov 30, 2017

To the Editor:

Massachusetts has the worst roads. People always complain about the potholes. It feels like the Massachusetts Department of Transportation hasn't done much work to the roads. I know that 195 is partly paved and has some potholes. When I'm on my way to school from Wareham to the Fairhaven exit, it's normally bumpy, but from Fairhaven to New Bedford it's paved.

I watch the news sometimes and when I did it was on potholes. Potholes are on all of the major highways. I know when I went up to New Hampshire on roads that have potholes, I felt them. But potholes can ruin your cars and people on the news have said that they can.

I have a friend who almost died from potholes. My friend has had his car ruined from potholes. He didn't tell me what highway he was on, but I know he said Boston area. He was driving the speed limit. His car got damaged but he got it repaired.

Also, people don't want to get injured and be in the hospital. My question is, are there potholes in different states? I know when I went up to New Hampshire I didn't see as many potholes as we have in Massachusetts. I don't remember if there were any in Arizona.

Every year before the snow hits, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation should go out and find all of the potholes. The potholes are on the main highways. But they need to maintain the roads all the time, so that means all year. I know if their loved ones got hurt or killed they would want justice for their loved ones.

I hope that the Massachusetts Department of Transportation fixes the highways by maintaining the roads more often. I would hate to see people get hurt or even killed. Maybe in addition to me speaking up something else should too, and maybe the Department of Transportation will listen. If they did that, people would not have their cars getting ruined from potholes. They need to not let the potholes go because people don't want to ruin their cars. Cars can be repaired, but you can't bring people back alive.

Erica Paulino