All-terrain vehicle takes a lap through nature's obstacles in Wareham

Jan 22

It handles ice, frigid water, woods, rocky terrain and swamps with ease, and it was put through its paces on Monday in an icy Wareham pond and wooded area.

There are only around 400 of these all-terrain vehicles, called SHERPs, in the world, and 20 in the United States. They were developed in the Ukraine and launched in 2015. The makers of the SHERP are traveling around the country demonstrating what the vehicle can do, finding dealers and considering starting a SHERP factory in the country.

The SHERP is made to work in the most extreme conditions and to transfer seamlessly from one terrain to another, something Alex Rudoi, who works at SHERP, said makes it stand out. He said the SHERP has no competition with other all-terrain vehicles.

Its maximum speed is 28 mph. Every part of the vehicle’s design was made to make it able to handle severe terrain, Rudoi said.

“It’s made to go anywhere,” Rudoi said. “It can get to places no one else can.”

Wareham first responders got in the SHERP for a ride on Monday at the dirt bike track in East Wareham. The 3,000-pound vehicle smoothly traveled through water with its floating wheels, up onto ice and then through the woods.

“We don’t need trails,” Rudoi said. “We make our own.”

Wareham Harbormaster Garry Buckminster, who watched the demonstration, said he’s never seen anything like the SHERP, but at $120,000 he doesn’t think Wareham will invest in one.

“It’s a well-thought out machine,” Buckminster said, but he doesn’t think it’s necessary for what emergency responders in Wareham deal with on a daily basis.