Wareham Police charge 2 with larceny, possession of counterfeit bills

Mar 8, 2018

Wareham Police said they stopped two men who attempted to steal a television and dispose $1,000 worth of counterfeit bills in the Wareham River.

Ryan Hanscome, 22, of East Wareham and Xavier Hernandez, 18, of Wareham, were arrested on Thursday near the Narrows, charged with larceny over $250 and possession of counterfeit bills.

Police said Officer Chris Smith noticed the two men carrying a large item covered with a blanket near the intersection of Sandwich Road and Main Street. After spotting Smith, the men quickly hid behind a building.

The item, a large television, was recently stolen from a nearby home, said police.

Smith, assisted by Officer George Chandler, then found Hanscome and Hernandez hiding behind a nearby building. Upon finding the suspects, officers said they noticed currency floating in the water nearby. Police said 10 counterfeit $100 bills were fished out of the water.