Annual underwater cleanup hauls trash out of Onset Harbor

Apr 21, 2018

Four divers suited up and dove down into Onset Harbor on Saturday for the 15th annual Earth Day dive. After so many years, the seabed is starting to look fairly spotless, said Steve Carey of the Buzzards Bay Dive Center.

“There’s much less then when we first started,” said Carey, who organizes the event each year. “We didn’t find any cell phones, laptops or bicycles. We must be making a dent.”

The divers did pull up a knife, some fishing gear and lots of fishing line.

Carey said divers, who were helped by six people on shore, dealt with low visibility beneath the waves, only able to see about 1 foot in front of them due to silt.

Wareham Department of Natural Resources Officer Josh Kimball said officials are grateful for the help each year.

“We wouldn’t be able to clean this up on our own,” said Kimball. “The time and dedication they put toward this each year is very much appreciated.”

Kimball said the cleanup helps the local environment. Hauling away fishing line makes the area better for wildlife and removing cell phones and laptops, which contain heavy metals, helps water quality, he said.

Carey offered thanks to the Wareham Department of Natural Resources for watching the surface for boaters while the divers were below. He also noted that the Quahoag Republic has provided free lunch for divers the past couple years.

“We get a lot of support each year and are grateful for it,” said Carey.