Wareham health board fines restaurant $300, tells Lowe's to reduce rodents

May 17, 2018

The Board of Health on May 16 fined a restaurant owner $300 for violating the state’s health code and told a home improvement store manager to fix a rodent problem.

Health Agent Robert Ethier told board members he received a complaint on May 8 regarding Persy’s Place restaurant at 3198 Cranberry Highway. An inspection uncovered improperly stored food, a grease-filled oven, mouse droppings, an extinguished cigarette on a counter and an unsanitary kitchen, he said.

“The odors were pretty bad in there,” said Ethier.

The restaurant had been inspected twice recently, failing one other time for similar violations, but passed the second time.

“They are capable of adhering to the code,” said Ethier. “There’s no reason they can’t.”

Persy's Place owner Shawn Heston said the problems had been addressed.

“Certainly, there were some problems. We’re not denying that,” said Heston. “We just want you to know we acted on everything you pointed out.”

Ethier commended Heston, but said the restaurant will be subject to additional inspections this year.

After Heston, Lowe’s general manager Chris Mullins met with board members. Ethier said a recent inspection showed that a mouse infestation was getting out of hand. Mullins said he was aware of the problem and had a pest control company coming in twice a week.

“Nobody wishes the mice were gone more than the associates in the store,” said Mullins. “We’re doing everything we can to remedy the situation.”

Board member Thomas Gleason said the store’s outdoor garden center, which gives mice easy access, would make it difficult to completely eliminate the problem. Ethier said mice in other Wareham home improvement stores had been eliminated or greatly reduced.

“I’m sure you’re doing as much as you can, but you need to step it up a bit,” said Ethier.

Board members issued Mullins a warning. They said the store will be inspected again in a few months.