Wareham School Committee welcomes Susan Owens as business manager

Jun 7, 2018

The Wareham School Committee has selected a new business manager.

Susan Owens of Rochester was approved for the position 5-0 during Wednesday's meeting in the middle school auditorium.

Owens will be taking over for Michael MacMillan, who has served as the Wareham Public School's business manager for the last five years.

MacMillan said he will be working closely with Owens until June 30, when he leaves for a new position with Cohasset Public Schools.

"I know Mike will get me on the right track," Owens said.

Owens has served as the business manger for Sharon Public Schools since 1997. After 21 years, she said it was time for something new.

"It's exciting and different coming to Wareham," Owens said. "I'm very glad to be here."

School Committee members took time to ask Owens about her experiences in Sharon to see how her skills would translate to serving Wareham schools.

Owens said that her biggest challenge would probably be balancing the school's budget.

"I think Wareham is trying to do a lot with very little," Owens said.

Nevertheless, Owens said she was very optimistic about her future with Wareham.