Student-driven penny drive helps fight homelessness

Jun 25, 2018

To the Editor:

We here at Turning Point would like to offer a huge thank you to Mr. Houdlette and the Minot Forest Elementary School pre-kindergarten, third and fourth grade students for collecting twenty-one thousand five hundred and fifteen pennies to help us in our efforts to help the homeless and near homeless here in Wareham. It is a very difficult problem to solve but with your hard work, kindness and resourcefulness, your $215.15 is going to help someone move from the woods or a car into a house or an apartment. That is a big deal.

We would also like to congratulate you for building something important from a lot of small pieces. So many times the small things get overlooked or ignored. Put enough Lego pieces together and you can make your own toys. If you gather enough sticks and pieces of wood, you can make a pretty cool fort.

A bunch of kids collecting a bunch of pennies will help another person feel safe. That is a big deal.

Thank you again Mr. Houdlette for organizing this drive and a special thank you to all the students for working together to make a difference.


The Turning Point Staff