Accomplished Wareham teen earns bachelor's, sets sights on Harvard University

Aug 8, 2018

Ambitious, dedicated, accomplished: There’s a lot you could say about 19-year-old Naomi Oliver.

Add college graduate to the list.

The Wareham teen recently graduated cum laude with a bachelor's of science in business administration international from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.

She’s the first in her family to earn a bachelor’s degree. Her grandparents, Matias and Brunilda Jorge of New Bedford, were born and raised Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. Their education ended with elementary school. Her parents graduated high school, something Oliver accomplished at age 17.

Oliver's mother, Sarah Jorge-Oliver, said her daughter set the goal of graduating college by age 18. At the time, she was a ninth grade a student being homeschooled. Oliver and her mother then mapped out a plan.

During high school, Naomi studied for College-Level Examination Program tests and took courses at local colleges to accumulate transfer credits, which were all applied toward her bachelor’s degree.

She graduated high school at age 17, and had already accumulated 60 college credits during that time.

“As a first generation graduate from a middle class family, we didn’t have a lot of cash or spare money to just put towards college, so...early college programs made things a lot more affordable,” said Oliver. “But it definitely was not easy.”

According to her mother, Oliver has always been a high achiever and goal-driven person. While she excels in academics, Oliver has a myriad of other interests.

During high school, she won first place at figure skating competitions, and even won gold at the Bay State Winter Games. In addition to figure skating, her activities during high school and college include drama, singing, guitar, archery, rock climbing, hip hop and ballroom dance.

More recently, she’s taken up acting and modeling with Boston Model Club Inc. She also started a Youtube channel that she began as an effort to encourage and uplift others, especially young people.

She has also kept busy over the years volunteering. Whether it has been coaching children to learn to skate, singing in nursing homes, or helping endangered animals at the National Marine Life Center.

Additionally, she’s worked, earning a good reputation with her employers.

“Most everyone knows of her intellectual acumen, lofty ambitions and her kindness, she is the epitome of the ‘All-American Girl,” said Shari Aussant, the owner of Mermaids on Cape Cod, said about her former employee.

Oliver has some advice for younger girls.

“Having a bachelor’s degree early can give you an edge in the workforce,” she said. “You have to be willing to sacrifice; it means working through the times when you’re tired or even when you don’t feel like it. It’s like that with any goal you set for yourself.”

And Oliver isn’t about to rest. She’s already looking ahead to reaching her next goal – earning her master’s degree in international relations at Harvard University.