‘Everything is brand new’: Vikings tackle the upcoming season

Aug 22, 2023

The boys’ varsity football team will see new faces this year thanks to incoming coach Brandon Perry. 

“We're going to practice differently, we're gonna have a totally different offense, defense, everything is going to be different,” said Perry. “Everything is brand new.”

Prospective Vikings ran drills and met their teammates during the first practice of the season on Friday, Aug. 18.

Since Perry joined the Wareham Vikings as head coach in March, his main focus has been to establish team culture and community.

“If you have a good culture, everything kind of takes care of itself,” said Perry.

In order to establish a sense of community, older athletes such as center Payton Calvin will help younger athletes throughout the season. 

“We are including more people,” said Calvin. “It’s much better than it was last year.”

According to Perry, the novelty of the team has already garnered interest from students and potential players.

“We're seeing a lot more kids sign up and turnout for it,” said Perry. “So I think the excitement is really there and it's going to be big and drive this team forward.”

During practice, athletes warmed up, ran laps and performed drills specific to their positions.

This is the first school year that Vikings will be competing in the Mayflower Conference after leaving the South Coast Conference in July. 

“It looks like it could be one of our largest groups of student athletes in the fall that we've ever had,” said high school principal Scott Palladino. “So [we are] definitely looking forward to seeing those students have an opportunity to participate in the sports and hopefully excel in sports as well.”

Perry said that he is expecting large game turn outs this season.

“I think the whole community is so excited about what's to come and that it's just all brand new,” he said.

The first game of the season will be held at Wareham High School on Friday, Sept. 8. 

“If you don't get in early on September 8, you're not gonna have a seat,” said Perry with a laugh.