‘Tough to beat’: Vikings pillage Blue Devils

Dec 27, 2022

The Wareham Vikings varsity boys basketball team won a fast-paced game against the Fairhaven Blue Devils 74-36 on Tuesday, Dec. 27, adding another win to their 4-1 record and giving fans more to look forward to this season.

Head coach Steve Faniel said that teamwork and determination led the Vikings to success. 

“The kids are working hard,” he said. “They are moving the ball and sharing the ball and that’s all I could really ask for.”

The team dominated the first half of the game with quick transitional plays. Junior Antoine Crosson’s reflexive rebounds led to repeated baskets.

“When we got the ball in the paint tonight we scored,” Faniel said.

Freshman Arron Cote set a pick, allowing junior Jayce Travers to make a basket in the second half. A pick is a play in which an offensive player blocks a defensive player, freeing their teammate to make a pass or basket.

Despite the team’s determined offense, they missed a few key layups.

“Our offense could use some work, we are trying to find a rhythm,” said Faniel. “But once we get it down, we will be tough to beat.”

The Vikings continued to overpower in the second half with swift rebounds, getting them to their final score of 74.

“Everyone was involved tonight,” said junior Ajay Lopes. “Our energy was high enough to get the win.”

Faniel plans to continue having his team practice layups and offensive plays to prepare them for the rest of the season. 

“We aren't looking at our opponents,” he said. “We are just looking at ourselves and how we can improve.”

The next Wareham Vikings game will be against the Apponequet Regional Lakers in Lakeville on Friday, Jan. 6.