2010, 2023 basketball champs face off in alumni game

Jun 18, 2023

Friends, families and fans filled the Wareham High School gymnasium on Saturday, June 17, itching to know who would be the winner of the alumni basketball game.

Though alumni games have been held in the past, this game was like no other.

This time, the 2010 and 2023 Vikings championship teams faced off.

The 2023 Championship Team won 78-65.

Stephen Faniel and Kevin Brogioli, who respectively coached the 2023 and 2010 Vikings to victory, were not allowed to lead their teams in the alumni game. 

Instead, the teams were coached by the school’s summer league staff. 

Faniel expressed his appreciation for everyone who came to the game to support the teams. 

“It was good to see all the guys get together,” he said. 

He added that it was a competitive game with everyone working hard, and he was glad no one got hurt.

“It was great to be with them again and pick up that camaraderie that you had 13 years ago,” Brogioli said. “It was nice to see everyone a little older, maybe a little bigger, a little slower, but still very competitive.”

He said the community coming out to support the fundraiser is “just a testament to Wareham's love for basketball.”

Darren Gray, a member of the 2010 team, said being back on the court felt like a flashback.

It was “just like old times” for him to play basketball with his former teammates. 

Gray said he was glad the community came to support the game, especially for the younger team.

He added he hopes to play again soon.

Aaron Cote, a member of the 2023 team, said it was good to be reunited with his team after three months apart.

Cote, who will be a sophomore in the fall, looks forward to playing another season with his team.

“I loved competing with older kids,” he said. “It was just a good way to show off for the community and it was just a great way to represent Wareham.”

When the game started, the 2023 team were the first on the board.

The 2023 team held a steady lead for the majority of the game, but the 2010 team still managed to keep up.

The score waffled throughout the game between a tie and a 2023 lead until the final minutes of the last quarter, when Team 2023 clutched the victory.