Burn season begins in Onset, Wareham Fire Districts

Jan 4, 2021

Burn season has already started in the Onset Fire District and will begin in the Wareham Fire District on Jan. 15. 

In Onset, permits may be purchased for $15 by check or money order made out to the district. A permit must be obtained prior to active burning, and all rules must be followed. Those who fail to obtain a permit will have their fires extinguished and will not be allowed to burn that day. Those with multiple offenses may not be allowed to burn for the remainder of the season, which lasts until April 30. 

For more information, call the fire department’s business line at 508-295-2122. 

In the Wareham Fire District, burn season will run from Jan. 15 until May 1. 

Those hoping to obtain a burn permit can call the department at 508-295-2973 and make a request over the phone before mailing in payment. Permits can also be obtained in person at the Main Street Fire Station, although masks are required. Payments of cash or check are accepted.