Construction begins on Main Street marina

Dec 3, 2022

Local businessman Danny Warren’s dream of a 16-slip marina and event space at 59 Main St. is now even closer to becoming a reality.

Construction on the marina, which was first proposed in March 2021 and approved by the Planning Board in February, began this week.

A timber frame has been erected on site, made of post and mortar beams hand-cut by Hardwick Post and Beam in imitation of the construction techniques of the early 1800s.

Warren wants the building’s design to resemble a mill house from the period, similar to what once stood there. One entryway will copy the entrance of the Fearing Tavern. 

The 6,500 square foot building will be home to a full-service restaurant open from June to January each year. Glass walls will provide views of the Wareham River and Besse Park.

“We are planning on fine dining with affordable prices,” Warren said. “We will also have live entertainment and outdoor activities.” 

From January to May, the building will be open for weddings, conventions and other events. 

The marina will also feature an ice cream stand, 1,500 square feet of retail space and an open pavilion on the waterfront.

Warren purchased the property in May 2020. He spent the past decade driving by the site and imagining what it could be. He discussed his plans with Director of Planning and Community Development Ken Buckland.

“We agreed it would be a great opportunity to the Impact Zone of downtown Wareham to develop the property,” Warren said.

He is referring to a Trump administration program which eliminated capital gains taxes for those who invest in low-income “Impact Zones” such as downtown Wareham. However, this means that if the project is not finished by April 2023, Warren would have to pay a $1 million fine to the federal government. The pandemic and increased materials costs have stalled the project.