Football coach worries about low interest

Aug 19, 2019

Football high school season is around the corner and despite his concerns about the sport’s waning popularity, football coach Fran Kass is hopeful his team will make the playoffs this season.

“We had this problem last year,” said Kass. “It's not a new problem.”

Kass blames football’s dropping popularity, both in Wareham and across the state on heavy use of electronic gadgets, and media that connects the sport with the dangers of head injuries and brain diseases. 

“We are trying to get as many kids to play as possible, but this sport has been unfairly attacked,” said Kass. “Kids are heavily involved in social media, they lose a sense of time, and they lose interest in outdoor activities.”

Last year, the team lost three seniors. Currently, the strongest players include tight end Dominic Labell, receiver Henry Jones, and running back Rikeem Jackson. 

Kass said the Wareham football team sees every team as a “worthy opponent,” including Bourne Canalmen against whom Vikings will meet in a traditional Thanksgiving game on November 28. 

The Vikings’ last playoff run was in 2016, and ended with a loss to East Bridgewater High School.