Girls softball makes dynamite debut

Apr 1, 2019

The Vikings softball team has started their season strong.

“It is the most amazing group of girls,” said Head Coach Rebekah Pratt. “They act as one.”

With Monday’s win against the Carver Crusaders, the team has won its first two games.

Pratt said that if asked, she wouldn’t be able to name a stand-out player because the team overall is so strong.“In both games, every player has hit and has had an impact on the game,” Pratt said.

The team captains said that the bond between the players on the team is incredibly strong and described the team as a “softball family.”

“We’re much more positive this year,” said co-captain Grace Cerrato.

That positivity, the captains explained, motivated them to come roaring back in the sixth inning after a tough start to the game. At the bottom of the fifth, the Crusaders were up 6-3 but the Vikings fought their way to a 10-10 tie in the sixth inning and scored two runs to win the game in the seventh.

Cerrato said that last year, the team might have felt too defeated by that point to power through to a win.

The Junior Varsity team has also had a great run so far, with a 20-3 win on Friday and a 20-2 win on Monday.