Great Hill gratitude

Apr 14, 2020

Great Hills Estates, a 55 plus mobile home park, was filled with the sound of banging pots and pans, cheering, and bell-ringing on Easter Sunday as residents celebrated first responders and other essential workers.

“People were so delighted,” said Sheila Monaghan, who organized the event with fellow activities coordinator Beverly Lake.

Monaghan reached out to Police Chief John Walcek, who coordinated 12 emergency vehicles -- cruisers, ambulances, and fire trucks -- to tour the park with lights flashing and sirens blaring.

“Residents cried, and it uplifted their spirits, and our purpose was to uplift [first responders]!” Monaghan said. “Wareham’s best were here today, and it was awesome.”

Monaghan said she and Lake were inspired by the celebrations of first responders and medial personnel happening across the country and the world, as well as by the traditional singing of Alleluia in churches on Easter.

“Alleluia actually comes from Hebrew and means praise,” she explained, saying that the ringing of bells was the community’s way of saying thank you and praising essential workers.

Monaghan said that the outpouring of support was typical of the community at Great Hills.

“It’s a nice community. We all take care of each other,” Monaghan said. “It’s a really wonderful place to be.”
Walcek said that the show of support was meaningful for his staff and the responders who visited the park. 

“It was awesome. They’re great people there. It just continues to show how all the people in this town shine,” Walcek said. “The officers who participated really enjoyed it, and I enjoyed it myself. It was really nice to see all the supportive people out there.”