Man arrested after allegedly waving fake gun while riding scooter

Jul 9, 2020

A 68-year-old Wareham man was arrested on Wednesday afternoon, July 8, after he allegedly waved around a fake gun while riding a scooter. 

At around 3:30 p.m., an off duty Wareham Police Officer saw a man riding a scooter on Main Street, brandishing what looked like a firearm, and waving it around in the air.

The officer immediately contacted another officer who was on patrol in the area. 

That officer, Aaron Pacheco, saw the man, Jeffrey Mello, of Wareham, on the scooter, who was described as “flailing his arms and driving erratically.” 

Mello pulled over near Besse Park, and Pacheco determined that the gun was not real.

Pacheco called in for a wrecker because Mello’s license was suspended. 

According to police, Mello became irate and started arguing while the officer waited for the wrecker. 

He also reportedly yelled at a passerby and screamed obscenities. Pacheco then arrested Mello, after giving him several warnings to calm down. Another officer assisted with the arrest.

Mello is charged with disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, and assault with a dangerous weapon.