Rep. Gifford honored for support of Water Works

Nov 5, 2019

Rep. Susan Williams Gifford was named Legislator of the Year by the Massachusetts Water Works Association on Friday, Nov. 1. The award is not annual, and is only given out when a legislator makes an unusually positive impact on the water works industry.

Gifford was recommended by the water superintendents of both the Onset and Wareham districts.

Andrew Reid, the superintendent for Wareham, cited Gifford’s support and help in securing funding from the state for projects including the Maple Springs Water Purification Plant, improved emergency responses, and asset management.

“There have been several occasions where I have met Representative Gifford dropping off a grant letter of support after hours in an effort to advance funding for a project needed by the Town,” wrote Reid.

Kevin Sampson, the Water Superintendent for the Onset Fire District, said that Gifford was instrumental in pushing for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation to work with the district on the Cranberry Highway renovations, allowing the district to replace water infrastructure along the highway.

“With all of the funding in place, we will be replacing a few miles of undersized and very old infrastructure,” Sampson wrote. “I don’t believe this would have come to fruition without her help.”