Selectmen give positive report on transfer station, bag sales

Jan 6, 2021

The Rte. 28 Transfer Station reopened under Wareham’s management on Jan. 5, as town trash bags became available at Shaw’s (127 Marion Rd.) and the Onset Village Market (231 Onset Ave.). 

Bags will be for sale at Municipal Maintenance, 95 Charge Pond Road, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Cash and checks will be accepted, but checks are preferred.

The bags are scheduled to arrive at Aubuchon Hardware (137 Marion Rd.) on Friday, Jan. 8, but they might not be on shelves immediately. 

“I was [at the transfer station] today, made my maiden voyage, and it seemed to work out quite well,” said Selectman Jim Munise at the board’s Jan. 5 meeting.

“Dave Menard and his crew did an amazing job cleaning the place up, never mind relocating everything,” Selectman Alan Slavin said. “I’m really happy with everything they’ve done and I hope everybody appreciates it.

Town Administrator Derek Sullivan said people seemed to like the transfer station’s new layout, and were able to quickly move through the facility.

“Again, we want to make sure that people are not bringing commercial operation stuff in. So the beginning is going to be a big education for all of us. And I appreciate everybody with their help working with the employees,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan noted that there will be extra staff on site in the beginning as the town is cross-training employees to prevent an interruption in service if an employee was unable to work. 

The transfer station will be staffed by two people so that the town can make sure only acceptable waste is being disposed of at the site. Items that are not allowed but are left at the dump anyway cost the town additional money.

Officials noted that the Zero Waste facility near the transfer station and the Bourne town transfer station (which doesn’t require a sticker or bags, but instead charges by weight) were other disposal options for that waste.

Officials asked residents to be respectful of the transfer station employees.

 “If people are disrespectful to the workers there, I believe they could lose their privilege of utilizing the facility. And if they don't want to use the bags I believe they could lose their privilege of utilizing the facility,” said Munise.