Town to fix up old ‘train station’ on Merchants Way

Jul 20, 2020

The town will be fixing up the building known as the old train station on Merchants Way so it can serve as shared public space. The project has been funded by a $41,500 grant by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.

The building actually served as a “comfort station” in addition to the full train station, which has been demolished, and was not itself a train station.

The building will receive a fresh coat of paint, the bathrooms will be fixed up, lighting will be added, and security gates will be installed. Cafe-style tables and chairs will be placed under the roof, and planters will be added.

The space will be offered to the food service businesses and could serve as a space for entertainment. 

The grant from the state is part of the Shared Streets and Spaces Program which is meant to promote public health, renewed commerce, and safe public spaces for socially-distanced use. 

The improvements will be in place by October. 

Improvements to the station have been considered for at least a year.