Trash barrel delivery is in-progress

Mar 16, 2021

Trash barrels are currently being delivered by the town’s new trash hauler, ABC Disposal, Inc.

“Barrels are going here, barrels are going there,” Selectman Peter Teitelbaum confirmed during the March 16 Board of Selectmen meeting. 

Unfortunately, the delivery process hasn’t been entirely smooth-sailing.

“Some barrels are going where they’re not supposed to go, some barrels are not going where they are supposed to go,” he said. 

Teitelbaum advised different courses of action depending on the problem Wareham residents have encountered. 

Those who have gotten barrels they don’t need because they have opted out of curbside pickup should call the town’s Municipal Maintenance Department at 508-295-5300, Teitelbaum said. The department will make arrangements for ABC to retrieve the barrel. 

Wareham residents who are still waiting for the barrels they’re expecting should try to be patient, because barrels are still being delivered, Teitelbaum said.

“Bear with us with this — it’s a whole new thing,” he said. “There’s almost 7,000 customers who are going to be getting new barrels, so it’s quite an undertaking.”

Teitelbaum said ABC is also in the process of determining the trash pickup routes. The town’s curbside trash pickup is set to begin April 1.