Wareham students return from leadership summit in China

Feb 28, 2019

High School Seniors Nicolas Dix and Ethan Osley are back in Wareham this week after attending a one-of-a-kind youth leadership summit in Beijing, China over February vacation.

The two students were officially accepted to the Model G20 event in November, each receiving a full scholarship of $2,500 from Knovva Academy to sponsor their travels.

The team of international teachers is one of many sponsors that helps to make the summit possible each year by offering financial aid to students. In the past, Knovva Academy has supported travel to the global conference for eight of Wareham High School students.

“I was absolutely amazing,” said Dix. “But it was also a lot of hard work.”

Dix and Osley’s whirlwind tour of China took place over the course of nine days; three of which were spent attending lectures, workshops and simulations with other high school students from around the world.

As a part of the Model G20 summit, students worked together to enhance their leadership and negotiation skills, attempting to solve real world problems with a focus on urban development and ‘smart cities.’

The summit was a challenge, said Osley, but one he’d be willing do again.

“You spend 90 percent of your day working with people, writing speeches and agreements,” he said. “And while I wasn’t entirely prepared, I feel I learned a lot.”

The two students reviewed the pros and cons of the trip with their classmates on Thursday, Feb. 28 during a meeting of Wareham High School’s Global Education Club.

“The people were easily the best part of the summit,” said Dix. “We got to know people from all over the world, and I’m still in touch with a lot of my group mates.”

Dix’s group, which represented Mexico, also managed to win first place at the summit in the category of “Global Leadership”. The award earned Dix and his teammates a college scholarship.

“I graduate this year,” Dix said. “So it was totally worth it.”

Outside of the conference hall, Dix and Osley also had a chance to explore China. In Beijing, the visited the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace and the Temple of Confucius.

The next Model G20 will take place on May 5 in Mexico City, Mexico, and both Dix and Osley said they were hopeful more Wareham students would attend.

“It’d be really great if Wareham can leave a mark,” said Dix. “If it weren’t for AP testing, I’d definitely apply again.”