Donald Trump's empty promises

Jan 5, 2017

To the Editor:

First to the cowards who criticized me for my writings, you lack the backbone to give your full names and as such have the mentality that shows you need to grow up and have the courage to realize we too have rights to free speech under the Constitution.

It shows you condone this man’s reckless behavior on his tweeting machine, which should be shoved where the sun doesn’t shine.

On the other hand, as we all know, President Obama ordered a number of Russian operatives that were told to leave our country with their bags packed due to the hacking of the Democratic National Committee, and with Mr. Trump’s urging. Soon after Mr. Putin vowed retaliation, but had a sudden change of heart and vowed no action –because his pal was to take power shortly. Trump all of a sudden says we must get past it; I think that’s called an ulterior motive. Also Mr. Trump has surrounded himself militarily with the modern day version of F-Troop, one being General Petraeus, who as you recall gave confidential information to his mistress.

Now are the coming attractions. For everyone, below are a few items you voted for, wanting a change (this according to a website).

1) A 15 percent tax cut for the wealthy (as if they need it) compliments of Mr. Trump.

2) A whole 2 percent tax cut for the populace

3) For you supporters, loss of your healthcare (Obamacare) with no alternative plan, no staying on parental healthcare until age 26, and no insurance for a pre-existing condition.

4) Single parent households losing tax credits.

(Not bad for not being sworn in yet!)

Feel like you’re going to get screwed? Food for thought. Back in the day, when Wall Street got greedy during the Republicans’ reign, the stock market was around 6,000, and today it’s at 19,000, with many of your 401ks and pension plans. Employment was running at 10.3 percent and now sits at 4.6 percent. Let us not forget automation is a part of the equation. A lot of the merchants were hiring all through the summer to the present, while Mr. Trump was inciting people to be thugs. This man has no intelligent to insult.

Finally I am making it clear to the cowards that we the sane ones are out there, and you will be addressed accordingly. Thank you for your time.

Arthur Sandland