May 15, 2017

Please be sure to sign the petition for a five cent deposit on nip bottles by Friday, May 19.

When the can and bottle deposit bill was passed, there was a marked decrease in can and bottle litter. In fact, recent data confirms that 70% of all deposit-required containers are redeemed. So even if this won't completely do away with nip bottles on our streets, beaches and parks, the litter volunteers will be very happy to see a significant decrease. This isn't a perfect answer to the problem, but Don't Trash Wareham wants to be part of the solution!

Petitions may be found at the Main Wareham Free Library on Tuesday and Thursday from 10 to 7 or at the Spinney Branch Library on Monday and Wednesday from 9 to 2. They are also at the Onset Bay Association office.

Those who have their own copies of petitions, please drop them off at any of those locations or mail them to Paul Hebert at 142 Strawberry Hill Road, Centerville, MA 02632.