State investigating report of Wareham Middle School teacher locking students in bathroom

Jan 12, 2018

After several Wareham Middle School students were allegedly locked inside a bathroom by a teacher the Department of Children and Family Services is investigating the matter.

According to media reports, an unidentified mother of one of the students filed a complaint with the state agency. The report states the students, who were not identified, were being loud when a teacher approached, telling them to be quiet.

The teacher then reportedly locked the students in the bathroom for being disruptive. The mother said her son texted her explaining what had happened. The teacher soon after unlocked the door.

Department of Children and Family Services spokesperson Andrea Grossman confirmed to Wareham Week that the agency was looking into the matter. Grossman said state and federal privacy laws prevent her from releasing additional information.

Wareham Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Kimberly Shaver-Hood said she had no comment.