Wareham officials rescue cat trapped in tree for 4 days

Feb 2, 2018

“Tac” is one lucky cat.

The roughly 17-pound black and white mixed breed is back with his owner after being rescued from a tree by the Wareham Fire Department and Wareham Animal Control on Feb. 1.

Wareham Department of Natural Resources Officer Josh Kimball said the town’s Animal Control Officer Cheryl Gorveatt-Dill responded just before 9 a.m. Gorveatt-Dill then notified the Wareham Fire Department after seeing that Tac was perched on a branch 60 feet high.

Kimball said firefighters arrived with an engine truck, thinking it would be able to do the job, but had to dispatch the department’s ladder truck instead. Firefighters spent just under an hour at the scene before they safely reunited Tac with his owner, said Kimball.

“It jumped right into its owner’s arms,” he said.

While stranded, the animal survived a stretch of bad weather, said Kimball.

“It braved a snowstorm and high winds up there, and luckily he came down unscathed and his happy to be back inside,” said Kimball.

Tac’s owner, Zoe Meary, said he went missing Sunday, Jan. 28 after she let him out in the morning. An outdoor cat, Tac usually comes home for dinner, she said. When he failed to return she started searching and found Tac in the tree on Monday. Meary said she tried luring him down with food and treats, but had no luck. Meary said she hesitated to call the fire department because it wasn’t an emergency. Eventually, she put a call for help on Facebook and authorities took notice.

“I couldn’t believe how quickly they responded. I was so appreciative,” said Meary. “I’m going to bring them some cookies this weekend. It just shows you what a great town we have.”

A cat rescue is a fairly rare, though not unusual, call for officials to receive, said Kimball. He noted that last year two such rescues took place. He advised anyone with a cat stuck in a tree to place the pet’s litter box or some food at the base of the tree before notifying authorities.