Vikings hit the baseball diamond with a young team

Apr 25, 2018

Coach Chris Cabe said the Wareham High School baseball team is young – a work in progress – while freshman and sophomores develop their skills early in the season.

“We’re struggling to score runs and are focused on pitching right now,” said Cabe, who noted poor weather has kept players inside longer than usual. “Players haven’t had a chance to get outside and practice properly.”

However, the players are coming together as a team this year, something that hasn’t always been the case in past years, said Cabe.

“The attitude is different this season. We’ve been working to change the mentality of the program, the culture of the program,” he said. “The boys have come together in the off season and hopefully we can build on that.”

Leading the way is senior captain Colin Horton, an outfielder. Horton, who has been on the team for the past five years, said this off season players practiced several times a week at The Cage in Marion. Also, the team has been spending more time together as friends.

“We were making a lot of mental mistakes,” said Horton. “And decided we had to work on becoming more of a team, more of a family, instead of trying to play individually.”

While the indoor practices were helpful, Horton said there’s no substitute for getting on the field.

“The weather put us back a bit,” said Horton, referring to early spring snowstorms. “We were inside quite a bit and then when we were able to get outside, it was freezing.”

That has translated into a 1-4 record. The team won its first game, but has fought for a win since. In a bid to play well enough to secure a tournament berth, Cabe and Horton said pitching will be the focus the next few weeks.

“Arm conditioning, that’s what we’ll be working on,” said Cabe.

The team’s next game is scheduled for Monday, April 30, at 3:45 p.m. versus Bourne at home.