Wareham Police: robbery suspect arrested after hiding in basement

Jul 23, 2018

A Roslindale man is facing charges after barricading himself in the basement of a Wareham residence he is accused of breaking into on Saturday, July 21.

Kealynd Schalet, 23, has been charged with breaking and entering, larceny and other charges. Police responded to Ryder Street just before 8 p.m. after receiving a report of a man who broke into a shed.

Neighbors then provided a description of the suspect. While officers searched the area they heard a woman scream from an adjacent house that a man was inside. Officers James White and Michael Phinney determined the suspect had gone inside. White went into the home and kicked open the door of a room in the basement where the suspect was hiding.

After officers arrested Schalet, police determined he had stolen items from the shed before breaking into the neighboring home, in an attempt to hide.

Acting Police Chief John Walcek praised the cooperation and alertness of neighbors that assisted, as well as the quick action of responding officers resulting in an arrest with no injuries. The investigation is ongoing as to why Schalet came to Ryder Street in the first place, police said.