Class is back in session at Wareham Public Schools

Aug 30, 2022

With fresh new haircuts and sparkly backpacks zipped up tight, students started the first day of class at Wareham Public Schools early Monday morning.

At Wareham Elementary School, children trundled off buses and into class, marking the beginning of the first school year at the new elementary school building since its construction. Students began their first classes in the new building in January during their second semester of the last school year.

Students hopped off buses with a mix of emotions. Some younger children teared up as they left the bus, while others leapt off the bus stairs with grins and shouts, excited for the first day of school.

A few kids ran into the building with untied shoes, and one younger girl got help from School Resource Officer Karl Baptiste who reknotted her laces for her.

Teachers and school administrators greeted students as they walked into the building.

One student ran up to hug teacher Elizabeth Hayes, who teaches STEAM — science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics.

As kids filtered into the school, Hayes said that she wished the NASA Artemis I rocket launch scheduled for earlier Monday morning had happened while she was teaching, so she could show her students the historic moment.