Curbside trash pickup is underway

Apr 1, 2021

After months of preparations, the town’s curbside trash pickup services began Thursday, April 1. With little fanfare, ABC Disposal, Inc. collected trash from dozens of town streets.

Trash pickup runs Monday through Friday, depending on what street residents live on. Recycling is picked up once every two weeks. 

The master list of streets indicates when trash is picked up and whether recycling on each street is picked up during “week 1” or “week 2” of ABC’s disposal calendar (click here or see attached photo).

The master list of streets also shows how longer streets such as Main Street and Onset Avenue are broken up with regards to when their trash days will be. The far-right column of the spreadsheet — which can also be seen in the attached PDF — indicates where the streets are divided. 

Extra trash barrels are available for purchase at the town’s Municipal Maintenance building at 95 Charge Pond Road. An additional 64-gallon trash barrel costs $95 for a year and an extra 96-gallon recycling barrel costs $105 for the year. Barrels must be picked up and paid for in person.

Town officials have asked residents for patience as the curbside trash service begins.

“If you know that your trash is supposed to be out on Thursday and you put it out and it doesn’t get picked up, give us a call,” Selectmen Peter Teitelbaum said on March 30. “Let us know, we’ll let them know and we’ll get it fixed. We just ask you to be patient.”