Department of Natural Resources cracks down on litterbugs

May 24, 2021

The Wareham Department of Natural Resources fined two people recently for littering. 

On May 19, a Natural Resources officer was driving on Cranberry Highway in a marked car when the driver ahead started to throw items from the car window. The items fell onto the highway and blew to the side of the road. The officer stopped the driver and issued a citation.

On May 20, several staff members were working on the pier when a man walking down the gangway flicked a cigarette butt into the water, where it promptly sank. One of the officers asked why the person threw the butt into the water, and the man replied, “I don’t know what to tell you.”

Officers issued a citation.

In a Facebook post, the department reminded the public that littering is illegal and negatively impacts the town’s natural resources. 

Onset Beach has two trash cans near the entrance to the beach. If those cans are full, people are asked to bring their trash to the dumpsters at the Harbormaster’s Office.