Fortune teller’s license application approved by Selectmen

Oct 20, 2020

Fortune tellers can legally operate in Wareham now that the Board of Selectmen have created a license application for fortune tellers. The Selectmen unanimously agreed to approve Kristina Lisa Burbank’s application for a license to tell fortunes on Tuesday evening. 

Burbank’s license will be the first fortune telling license granted in Wareham. The Selectmen had to create the new license application just for fortune tellers because of a Massachusetts law requiring fortune tellers be licensed by local authorities.

Selectman Judith Whiteside said she and Town Counsel Richard Bowen had worked on the application together. Whiteside said it was “probably the simplest license application that the town has ever issued,” before she made the motion to grant Burbank the license.

The license application requires the applicant to fill out a form with their name and address and pay a fee of $2, according to Bowen.

During the meeting, Burbank said she doesn’t think of her fortune telling as a business and thanked the Selectmen for taking the time to make a license application that will allow fortune tellers to practice legally in Wareham.

“I’m just trying to save my life and have a forum to speak, in my own home, in my own town, in my own nation,” Burbank said.