Free breakfasts, lunches to continue as school starts

Sep 15, 2020

While plans for later in the year are still in the works, the distribution of breakfasts and lunches for any kid under the age of 18 will continue in the same manner through October 2.

Meal distribution sites and times will continue to be the same, with meals free for all kids, regardless of whether they are students in the Wareham Schools.

Hybrid learning, with some students returning to schools in person part-time, will begin on October 5. The meal distribution plans for when that happens are still in the works.

Students who have opted for fully remote learning will be able to access meals throughout the year.

The federal government has expanded the summer food program, which funds two meals every weekday plus food for the weekends, and will do so until funding runs out. Food Services Director Mike Russo said that he is confident the program will continue at least through October, and Massachusetts has requested that the funding be extended through the school year.

If the funding runs out, the schools will revert to their typical school year program, which provides meals only for enrolled students on school days. 

Meals will be distributed at eight locations:

Wareham Middle School drop off — 4 Viking Drive Wareham, 02571

The Bandshell at Onset — 4 Union Ave, Onset, 02558                     

The Gleason YMCA parking lot — 33 Charge Pond Rd, Wareham, 02571              

The Woods at Wareham apartment complex — in the vicinity of 36 Swifts Beach Rd Wareham, 02571 

The Cromesett Road pump station on Terry Lane in Wareham, 02571                      

The Brandy Hill apartment complex —  in the vicinity of 12 State St, East Wareham, 02538                  

Shangri la playground —  Near the intersection of Sunset Blvd and Restful Lane in Wareham, 02538                   

Decas Elementary School parking lot — 760 Main Street Wareham, 02571