High school seniors to participate in ‘Cap and Gown Parade’

May 29, 2020

Wareham High School seniors in the class of 2020 won’t have their graduation ceremony until August this year, but in the more immediate future, students will be able to participate in a Cap and Gown Parade on Thursday, June 4.

Principal Scott Palladino has provided a map for the parade, as well as detailed instructions for participants. 

According to Palladino, students should arrive at the train station on Merchants Row by 1:45 p.m., and must stay inside their cars. Parents and families may ride with the students if they would like. 

Staff will line the seniors up in their cars by alphabetical order. The parade will be led by the Wareham Fire Department onto Main Street by the Narrows Bridge, onto Marion Road, and then onto Viking Drive.

Wareham Police will be blocking off major intersections for the parade. 

Only students and staff will be allowed on Viking Drive. Parents, families and friends are encouraged to line up on Main Street or Marion Road to support the Wareham High School Class of 2020.

Signs, balloons, noise decorations are encouraged. Participating seniors are also encouraged to decorate their cars.

Seniors who are debt free will pick up their cap and gown at the flagpole in front of the school. Seniors not picking up their cap and gown can circle around the back of the school and come out through Viking Drive.

Palladino asked that all participants “ remember to be safe, wear masks and social distance at all times.”