It’s a whole new ballgame at Girls Softball Opening Day

Apr 23, 2023

Wareham Girls Softball League President Lyz Lambert is ready for the league to make a post-pandemic rebound. 

This year, 30 new players have joined the league, most of them joining the all-new division for kindergarteners, first graders and second graders. 

Those new players joined their teammates for fun both on and off the field at the Wareham Girls Softball League’s opening day on Saturday, April 22.

All seven of the league’s teams each played an inning. (A team from the Rochester Girls Softball League took the eighth slot).

When they weren’t playing, the girls could enjoy burgers, shaved ice, a bouncy obstacle course, tattoos (temporary, of course) and face painting. 

“We try to do as much as we can to get girls into the sport,” Lambert said. “They come for Opening Day to see the fun, and then they end up staying with it and getting hooked.”

New player Kassidy Dows, who is in fifth grade and plays on the Warriors team, wasn’t interested in softball until she heard about the league from her friends. 

“I started to get used to it,” she said, “having more fun, so I decided I was gonna do it for a very long time.”

Kassidy’s favorite part about softball is getting to travel to different places to play games.

Compared to Kassidy, 9-year-old Cameron Norton, who has been on the league for three years, is a veteran. 

“I enjoy being competitive and pitching,” said Cameron, who plays on the Stingrays team. 

She said that she is most looking forward to winning games this season.

“And making friends?” Her aunt Michelle asked. 

“And making friends,” Cameron replied. 

All proceeds from Opening Day went to raise money for new equipment.