Parade spreads Christmas cheer once again

Dec 4, 2022

Did you ever want a pony for Christmas? How about a dinosaur? 

There were plenty of both at the annual Wareham Village Association Christmas Parade down Main Street on Sunday, Dec. 4. 

The ponies came from Equestrian Element of Marion, while several revelers donned dinosaur costumes to celebrate the holidays as it was done 65 million years ago. The Wareham Minutemen and Militia, in colonial-era dress, offered a much more recent celebration by comparison. 

Santa Claus showed up constantly throughout the parade, whether he was driving a wheel loader, riding on top of a fire truck or coming into Besse Park on a boat from the Harbormaster’s Office (wearing a life jacket, of course). How does he manage to be in so many places at once? That’s the secret of Christmas magic.

The Wareham Tigers Mites, celebrating their first-ever win in the Old Colony Youth Football League “Super Bowl,” turned the parade into their victory parade. The Dog Park Affiliation of Wareham blasted “Who Let the Dogs Out” from their speakers as someone in a pink poodle costume rode high. 

Local businesses took the parade as a chance to get creative with festive advertisements. Savary Brothers Plumbing graced Main Street with toilets dressed as reindeer and a bathtub for Santa’s sleigh.

While many of the floats gave out candy, the Ready, Kiernan and McNally law firm handed out business cards.

“Merry Christmas!” Attorney Brenda McNally said. “We’re attorneys on Main Street, but hopefully you won’t need us.”

Originally scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 3, the parade was delayed due to inclement weather. A blizzard of holiday cheer — and leftover candy — ended up in Sunday’s forecast.