Precision Design Engineering Corporation featured on radio

Feb 7, 2024

Precision Design Engineering Corporation, a manufacturing facility for industries such as military, marine and medicine, located at 10 Kendrick Road, was featured on the Radio Entrepreneurs broadcast recently.

Jeffrey Davis, CEO of Mage USA and a founder of Radio Entrepreneurs, interviewed Ron Gerace, Precision’s CEO, on a wide-range of topics, including what role he believes automation and robotics will play in the manufacturing industry in the future.

The broadcast aims to share the stories of companies that are innovative and “fast-moving” while also creating a “knowledge pool” for the entrepreneurial community.

Precision Design Engineering was founded in 2019 with the acquisition and merger of two engineering firms under the Precision Design and Engineering umbrella: Design Engineering Associates and Fitzwater Engineering. The company has grown since its start by 20% every year — even during the Covid pandemic. In 2023, the company had approximately 30% growth.

Gerace said he contributes this continued growth to the company’s innovations in automation and robots, plus a larger number of orders from the U.S. military for products. 

Two pieces of equipment were introduced to the company last year that has allowed for “lights out” manufacturing, meaning production can happen without the need for human intervention. 

“I am grateful to Jeffrey Davis and the Radio Entrepreneurs team for the chance to tell our story,” said Gerace, who added, “And I thank them for all they do to help tell the story of small business here in Massachusetts and beyond.”

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