Scholarships awarded to 27 Wareham High School students

Nov 9, 2020

A total of 27 Wareham High School students in the class of 2021 have been awarded the John and Abigail Adams Scholarships in recognition of their outstanding academic achievements.

The school described the scholarship as “a merit-based program that provides credit toward tuition for up to eight semesters of undergraduate education at a Massachusetts state college or university.” The school also said it was “proud to recognize” the students who received the scholarships.

According to the press release, the students who earned the scholarship have: scored in the advanced category on one of three high school MCAS tests in English language arts, math or science; scored in the proficient or advanced category on the remaining two high school state assessment tests; and earned a combined MCAS score on the assessments that ranks in the top 25 percent in their school district.

The Class of 2021 scholarship recipients are:

  • Emma Arcaro
  • Carlisle Beach
  • Emily Bird
  • Cecilia Bottino
  • Madison Boutin
  • Grace Brogioli
  • Keegan Cahill
  • Brooke Chandler
  • Adreanna Dillen
  • James Fitzgerald
  • Colby Flanigan
  • Avery Gillman
  • Cooper Goodwin
  • Ever Gordon
  • Marissa Hathon
  • Jenelle Kimura
  • Alexandre Lambert
  • Wylde LaTulippe
  • Jenna Maloney
  • Robert Maloney
  • Chatham Norcross
  • Wayne Parker
  • Renee Pelletier
  • Emily Roberge
  • Richard Rodriguez
  • Annabelle Snow
  • Ava Sullivan