Select Board member resigns

Dec 1, 2023

Select Board member Tricia Wurts has resigned from her role.

Wurts turned in her resignation on Monday, Nov. 27. “It was not possible for me to continue in that position,” she said.

She joined the Board in May 2022 when she was chosen in a special election to replace Peter Teitelbaum and served out the remainder of his term. The voters chose her to continue in that role during the general election this past May.

Her first Select Board campaign was in 2021. She ran a write-in campaign, but still managed to get nearly a third of the vote.  

Prior to working in town government, Wurts was a technology consultant for over 20 years, helping clients develop a vision for their companies’ futures. Some of her clients included IBM, AT&T and Xerox. 

During her time at Town Hall, Wurts worked to encourage civic engagement and prioritize communication with residents as well as between local government committees.

Wurts said she would like to reflect and speak more on her Select Board experiences in the future, but would like to wait for the right time.

The Select Board cannot appoint a replacement for Wurts, whose term was expected to end in spring 2026.

According to Select Board Chair Judith Whiteside, the Board has yet to decide whether it will hold a special town election or wait until the annual spring election.

Whiteside said the next steps are to speak with the town clerk to get cost estimates for holding a special election. Then, the Board will determine if spending that money would be appropriate in this situation.

She added if a special election is held, it must be held by Sunday, Jan. 28 as it has to be more than 100 days before the annual election, which is set to take place on Tuesday, May 7. 

Whiteside said based on the Select Board’s current schedule, this will most likely not be discussed until early January.