Seniors ‘chair’-ish their volleyball victory

Jun 26, 2023

In the Multi-Service Center, community members enjoyed cake, many laughs and an intense game of chair volleyball.

Chair volleyball is a modified version of the sport in which players have to remain seated the entire time. 

Each game of the tournament consisted of three rounds. The first team to reach 15 points in each round won. 

The Council on Aging’s chair volleyball tournament came to an end Monday, June 26, with an epic standoff between the undefeated Wareham Fire Department and a motivated team of seniors.

The Wareham Fire Department beat the Onset Fire Department in the first chair volleyball game on Monday, June 5.

Following this victory, Wareham Fire won against the Wareham Police Department in the previous game on Monday, 12.

Sharon Rice, director of the Council on Aging, said, “Wareham Fire is actually just a really good, capable team—much to my dismay—and they're really good sports.”

Although the fire department won the first two rounds of this game, they agreed for the third round to decide the tournament’s winner.

“The seniors rose to the occasion,” Rice said. 

Each round, the two teams were close in score. However, this time the seniors dominated the court, defeating the fire department with a final score of 15-6.

Rice said the seniors always enjoy their time watching and participating in chair volleyball.

Beverly Adkins, a member of the seniors team, said she played for the first two rounds.

“The last one I was too busy eating cake and I didn't pay attention,” Adkins joked.

Dorothy Casey, a senior who came to watch, said the game proved to be a lot of fun as she and her friends cheered and clapped for the seniors throughout.

She said it was an intense game, with two firefighters even falling out of their chairs.

Rice said, “The seniors really just loved everything.”

She added, “This is their thing.”

The tournament’s trophy has made a home in the Council on Aging Office. The seniors look forward to the next competition and hope to hold onto the trophy for another year.