Wareham Middle School students earn first place finish in scarecrow contest

Nov 9, 2018

With their uplifting message and Lego-themed creation, a group of Wareham Middle School students earned a first place finish the Onset Bay and Wareham Village Association’s scarecrow contest.

On Friday, the students enjoyed a pizza party at the school paid for by both associations. Students won first place in the contest’s “schools” category. The scarecrows had Lego heads and this message: “Getting an education is how you build a better education, one BLOCK at a time.”

For the contest, entrants are required to create hand-made scarecrows, and display them in either Wareham Village or Onset Village. The students chose to display their creations on Main Street near Pezzoli Square. Teacher Kathleen Braley said students worked together during the school’s “Viking Block” to build the scarecrows. The period is designed to promote academics, provide intervention services and offer enrichment lessons.