Wareham School Committee OKs giving assistant superintendent seat at the table

Sep 20, 2018

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Andrea Schwamb will officially have a regular seat at the table during Wareham School Committee meetings following a vote Thursday night.

Committee members voted 3-1-0 in favor of allowing Schwamb to sit with them during all discussions and votes at meetings. Chair Joyce Bacchiocchi said Schwamb will add valuable input.

“It makes sense to include her in the conversation when she has so much to add to what we’re speaking about,” said Bacchiocchi.

Committee member Mary Morgan questioned the move, asking why a teacher or special education staff member shouldn’t be added instead.

“I think [Schwamb] does a wonderful job,” said Morgan, who was the sole vote against the decision. “I’m just asking why…I would add a special education director to get their perspective or a teacher to have a teacher perspective.”

Bacchiocchi said the decision wasn’t meant to exclude anyone. Committee members would benefit from Schwamb’s opinion on a range of matters, she said.

“This certainly wasn’t meant to leave anyone out,” said Bacchiocchi.

Morgan said she wasn’t aware of any other school committees where the assistant superintendent has a regular seat. She noted Schwamb, along with principals, the school’s business manager and others, are welcome to join the conversation from the audience.

“I just find it sort of isolating to those other people,” said Morgan.