$25,000 Vietnam Moving Wall earmark now before governor

Jul 9, 2017

Those working to bring the Vietnam Veterans’ Moving Wall to Wareham this August are hoping a $25,000 earmark for the memorial installation survives the governor’s veto.

The earmark is currently in the state’s $40.2 billion fiscal year 2018 budget that is now before Gov. Charlie Baker. The Friends of the Wareham Veterans Council are working to raise $50,000 to bring The Moving Wall, a scaled-down replica of the Washington D.C. memorial, to town this summer from Aug. 17 - 21. The group hasn’t reached their goal yet.

State Rep. Susan Williams Gifford (R-Wareham) filed the earmark under the Massachusetts Marketing Partnership back in April. When it was approved by the state’s House of Representatives, Gifford asked state Sen. Marc Pacheco (D-Taunton) to file the earmark in the Senate’s version of the budget. Pacheco did and it was approved.

Gifford said she’s hopeful the earmark won't be cut.

"This has been a very challenging budget due to the revenue shortfalls and the possibility does exist that this funding may be subject to veto by Governor Baker,” she said. “However, I will be working with the governor's office to do everything possible so this does not happen.”